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[ pi ! ]

With their new EP [ pi ! ] provide the sound of 2015 alternative rock. "AMATEVI" is a counterdraft to digital mainstream. Having played more than 300 concerts, [ pi ! ] never failed to deliver highest quality when performing their energetic alternative rock live.

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2Extended from Dresden - this is 6 Ladies and Gentlemen making Jazz, Funk and Soul Music on 4 strings, 88 keys, 2 sticks, 2 incomparable voices, 3 even more incomparable mouthpieces and one pineapple.

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Engage the amplifiers – turn it loud – and feel the experience of Roots Reggae, Dancehall, Ska and Rock Steady! “Albertha!n" is in the house, turning your dancehall into a steaming tank of moving bodys – rocking to our enamoring beats.

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ALICE ROGER play straight Rockmusic. They know how to entire with danceable grooves, juicy guitars and versatile vocals full of energy and passion. After over 70 shows since their stage premiere in September 2012, and the first EP "Digitale Liebe" they absolutely want to pursue their stage hunger.

http://aliceroger.bandcamp.com/ www.youtube.com/Alicerogerband

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Birdhouse Jazz

Birdhouse Jazz from Dresden brings groovy Jazz 'n' Roll to town! It has been five years that Lutz Funke (saxophone) and Carsten Nachtigall (keys) started to combine Rock and Pop songs with jazzy beats and rhythms. Listen to this unique Birdhouse Sound, and you will not stand still!

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Blechlawine Dresden

BLECHLAWINE – spectacular steel-barell performance out of Dresden
Captivating rhythms sound when round wood sticks hit hard steel - loud and powerful, brilliantly and accurately, sensual and haunting. Accompanied by a grooving bass drum beat the drum sounds win wealth and abundance...


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Chemnitz Connection

´Chemnitz Connection´: Beatbox feat. Didgeridoo!
Beat Boxer Erni33 and FranzzZ both produce a sound experience influenced by Hip Hop, Drum'n'Bass, House and Dubstep.

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Emotional, eclectic, many-faceted, female-fronted Alternative/Progressive Rock from Leipzig, Germany.

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Die Ukrainiens

The UKRAINIANS from Dresden/Germany – undoubtedly a band with guaranteed dancing and almost a live version of a Russian disco with an East European enlargement. When the band - like in "Schwarze Augen" (Black Eyes) - chases the audience from waltz into ska polka and back again, no shirt stays dry.

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Drugmillers Bigband

Our repertoire stretches from the main Bigband - Standards of Tommy Dorsey, Cole Porter, Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie , etc. Right down to modern big band songs by Peter Herbolzheimer , Joe Zawinul , Charles Mingus and Garry JK Sapp .

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EL FUEGO - straight honest texican rock with spanish/english lyrics, rhythm and energy are significant for the sound of EL FUEGO,

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Gemini Berserk

Gemini Berserk plays (Post-Apocalyptic) Melodic Death Metal.
Always move to the limit and create with our society parodies and apocalyptic trips a unique aesthetic, that must be experienced live. Paneling, music and show form a separate unit.
Info and songs can be found on www.gemini.berserk.com


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The roots of Helium 5 are clearly based in the Alternative and Nu-Metal genre.

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Herr B.

Herr B. is singer/songwriter and pianist. His music is melancholic melodic, intellectual and uneasy or just songs about the issues and thoughts of our time. www.yiannis-brauweiler.de

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Ines Herrmann

Ines Herrmann is a German singer-songwriter based in Dresden. Suitable for: wine, rum and soda. She currently works on a Pop'n'Blues programme for a record & live performance. Be part of the audience.

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JAGUWAR is the shape of a fender Jaguar, crystal delay/reverb sounds, fuzzz wave attack, feedback noise, the beatles on a spacemen 3 show.


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We are the Singer-Songwriting-Band from Dresden, Saxony. We have melodious, rocking and melancholy melodies which were performed by Cello, Piano, Akusitkbass, Guitar, Percussion and a powerful female voice. Songs for dancing, thinking and to huddle together.

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Swing and Gypsystile and Balkan ...

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Lasse Reinstroem

Lasse Reinstroem (established 2009) is the name of a band from Dresden, Germany, who play a well-balanced mix of Blues, Stoner, Noise, Psychedelic andsoon in between Kyuss, Mogwai, Isis and Ennio Morricone!

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Lizard Pool

The band, which was founded in 2012 and based in Leipzig, pitches its sound where post-punk meets indie-pop. With its rainy indie music which dares to be shrouded in melancholy.Lizard Pool are a classic three-piece band consisting of drums, guitar and bass.

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Machine de Beauvoir

Machine de Beauvoir. Sandra Maria Huimann, Jörg Schittkowski and Stefan Fuhrmann.
Electromodulated dubbing of poets and writers. Powerful! Epic!


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Morlas Memoria

Morlas Memoria - that’s a classic voice with massive guitar rock!

The local band from Dresden (Germany) was estabished in spring 2011. Ever since, Morlas Memoria has performed many successful gigs. The first album was released on the 3rd of May 2014 at the 3rd 'Düsterfest' in Dresden.

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NEUMAYER VI is a Hardrock-Coverband from Dresden, Germany. But they also have a smooth side of the moon with Pink Floyd or they swing like sultans with Dire Straits.
Founded 2014 these 6 musicians love to play music live und bring every audience in mood to dance and groove in every location.

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Music style: Metal Hometown: Dippoldiswalde, band members: Maximilian Schanz (18 years / guitar), Max Weiß(17 / bass, vocals), Max Boehme (17 / guitar, vocals), Tillmann Schanz (16 / drums)

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Radiophony means the sending and reception of sounds. A radiophone is the medium which mixes acoustic signals into a very fine and refreshing sound before sending it to the audience.All our visitors and listeners will be served with a very delicious music-shashlik, mixed up with Rock, Funk and ska.

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My Name is Rumpelkopf and I´m a DJ from Dresden. I´m a TapeJockey (call it TJ), so I play only with oldschool Tapes Balkan-, Polka-, Skamusic.

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The sound of SAY MEOW catches the nature of purring and hissing in its clear rhythms, supplied by the bass guitar and the drums, combined with the colourful voice of lead singer Enna.

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Sensifer is an ambient postrock quartet from Dresden, Germany, founded in 2011.
We dedicate our intension's, feelings and heart to a spheric, colorful and element-based sound.
Two guitars, bass/synth and drums is all we need to discover new sounds and create musical ideas!

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Silent Poem

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The Skaprifischer play the music they like: Traditional Jamaican Ska, Northern Soul and Reggae. They are a club band and prefer to perform for the local scene. Since 2003, more than a hundred concerts were played. Open for performances abroad!


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Techno and the Homeless

Galactic Battle Funk, that`s he style of Techno and the Homeless from Dresden, Germany.

That`s the Music, which results, if singer, guitar / MC, bass, drums, saxophon and trumpet try to go a new way with old elements of Funk, Rock and Hip Hop.

Perhaps you want to Dance, probably you have to.

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Six songwriters make their way right into the hearts and eardrums of the people. Their diversity of musical styles leads to an unique sound, which is fun to hear, but also makes you think. A sound to make you dance and to make you dream, which allways can be described by one word: tonartist.

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